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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway.

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes. So here we go!

Red Dress

Krissy "The Kool-Aid Addict"
Thanks for being the first one to look at my site, even though you don't do Irish Step! I'm really glad we're friends, and I hope it continues...maybe I can bribe her with Kool-Aid to join step, what do you guys think? hehe, luv ya, Krissy!

All My Dancing Buddies
Nat, Katefulness, Staples, Sara, Manders, & Co.! Some many memories! I can't wait 'til the next feis, it'll be a blast! Tell me what you think of my site, I know it's probably stupid, but I'd like som opinions people! Anyway, I finally got my hard shoes! Who cares if they're ancient....they still work just peachy. heehee. I love 'em! This year we'll all get first places, and we'll all know the St. Patrick's Day and get to be in the first row. Yay! Love ya, guys!

3 Dancers
Some Of Us?

Nic Dancing?!?!
Nic "Partner"
Hey, you said you wanted to see my site....I should've warned you, I know, but I just couldn't pass up such a good opportunity!! Don't worry, Eminem is still the best! We have such great conversations...and one of these days, you'll actually talk to me in person! Without the added advantage of yelling at my brothers, of course. Linkin Park rocks! See ya!

Future World Champion


Nat *Skittles!*

Hey! You win the Most Dedicated Dancer Award, aren't you proud? Heh, you get your own box now, woohoo! My site sucks. Grar. Yerf. Narf. VICTORIZATION SIGN! I'll add more when I have time! As the preps would say: bfflaeaeaeaeaeae (whatever THAT means...)


NOT Mandi and Matt


Amanda "Manders"

Hey! Matt's mine! Haha, he's on my late bus, and I talked to him, mwahahahaha! Hehe, I'm glad you joined step, you're so coordinated! My f**k song, hehehe. Sure you can get a wig....just make sure it's blonde....heehee, luv ya hon!


I Made Her Redhead


Kate "Katefulness"

Hey! Katefulness, I'm NOT gay!!! Conor thinks so, but who cares? I love Spongebob. Lauren trying on your dance shoes, heehee. I have to teach you the St. Patrick's Day, then we can all be cool and say, I'm better than you, and you, and you, and you...mwahahaha! Luv ya hon! xoxoxo!


Purple Is SO Your Color


Nicole "Staples"

Staples! Burger King and the library is great! We really have to learn how to "keep it down" hehe. I never you cursed so much! I find it quite funny. Are you mad at me? I need to know if you guys just pretend to like me, it's very upsetting. And as soon as you see this, I need to talk to you.


If Only We Were All This Good


Sara "Heath's Girl"

Sara! Jaywalking, hey, there's Kate's mom! I look so stupid! So, what should we do NOW? Cross country is like this, track is like THIS! Hehe, so many mems, as the preps would say, or as I say, DTTTWW when I say KISSES! Lyh, xoxo!


No, This Is Not a Bribe



Hey, Burger King wouldn't be the same without you!!! I now know about Birdman, mwahaha! NO, this is not a bribe, and is in no way affiliated with Mandi's bribes to get you to join step! I swear! I hope we stay friends a long, long time! lylas, xoxo!


More Advanced Than Us



Mint Skittles! Hehe, I miss my hair! Everyone has a boooooooox!!! *Making faces at Nicole until she finally notices* St. Patrick's Day, haha! It's great goin' to Bk and stuff! See ya next Friday!


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