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Welcome To the Oireachtas!!

After viewing tons of Irish Step Dancing sites, I figured, hey, why don't I make one??? So, as you have probably figured out...I did!

This site will be dedicated to Irish Step Dancing, as you may have noticed, but there may not be much at the moment, because A) This is my first time making a site, and B) I'm not like, a Champion Irish dancer. But don't worry, it'll get better with time...I hope. So just bear with me, expect changes, and have fun!  
The About Me page is pretty much self-explanatory....it's all about Me!! Yeah, just so you know all about the man behind the madness. Just....without the man.
Shoutouts to My Friends will just be some hello's to my dancing buddies, school pals, and anyone I may meet through this site, or just about anyone! So if you want a shoutout, email me!
My Favorite Links is where you can go to see all my fave Step sites, and hopefully, you'll enjoy them too!
Contact Me, basically, just so you can...you guessed it...contact me! I'll have some of my email addresses and other ways you can get in touch with me!
My Opinions On Just About Everything...wow, these names are so self-explanatory, anyway, that's where I tell you everything I think about the dancing world. From wigs to ghillies, you'll soon find out exactly what I think about everything.
Pictures and Poems, where you can find some cool dance graphics I have found in various places, and some writing, either mine or...someone else's, that in some way has to do with Irish dance.
Just the Fun Stuff is the fun side of the Oireachtas. It will definitely be more will be added in the future, when I find more fun stuff, but I hope you will still have fun!
Virtual Feis includes all information about feisanna, and anything that you need to know about Irish dance.
Dance Dictionary--fairly simple. Meanings and pronunciations of Irish dance terms.

Irish Dancer

What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

9/29/02- Dance Dictionary added to the site.
9/28/02- My site's FINALLY up!!

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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